Why Fresher Pet Food is Better

Why Fresher Pet Food is Better
  • 12 July 2018
  • Pet Wants

If you walk into a big box retail store and go the pet aisle, you will see many different bags of food. Although the bags will have branding that tries to showcase their differences, most of the options share a major shortcoming—a lack of freshness.

Why Do Most Pet Foods Lack Freshness?

Since big pet food brands have accounts all across the United States, they produce their food in huge batches. Once the food is prepared, it is packaged, and then sits in the company’s warehouse until it’s time to be shipped out.

Most suppliers don’t ship directly to stores. Instead, they ship to a distributor and then let the middleman handle getting the food to individual stores. Once a distributor receives the shipment, they may store the food in another warehouse for weeks or even months until it’s finally released to stores.

Why Freshness Matters

Why is freshness such big of a deal? Freshness matters because it directly impacts the nutritional value of food. Regardless of how many nutrients are originally added to pet food, there’s only a limited window for those nutrients to provide maximum value to a pet’s body. The longer food sits around in a bag, the less nutritious it’s going to be for the dog or cat that eventually eats it.

Fresh food and better ingredients make it easier to maintain a healthy weight, can relieve food allergies, and supports easier digestion, optimal energy, and a healthy coat and skin. If you want to know that the food your pet eats every day is supporting a healthy and long life, you need to make freshness a priority.

Pet Wants Has a Better Way

Even though finding fresh pet food at a traditional retail store can be an uphill battle, Pet Wants makes it easy to feed your pet truly nutritious food. Not only do we slow-cook real ingredients in small batches, we maximize freshness by delivering our food within weeks of being made. Our direct-to-consumer delivery model is super convenient. So, if you want to feel great about what your dog or cat is eating, Pet Wants is the food to choose.

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